If you feel you might need to hone your singing skills before the holidays, Apple Music Sing could come in handy for that. It’s a new feature for Apple Music subscribers that comes with adjustable vocals along with real-time lyrics. In short, it’s an on-demand karaoke feature that will be launching to iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV 4K later this month.


  • Apple to launch the karaoke-inspired Apple Music Sing later this December.
  • The feature adds real-time lyrics and adjustable vocals.
  • It is free for Apple Music subscribers and compatible with iPhones, iPad, and Apple TV 4K.

Following the introduction of Spotify Karaoke, Apple is apparently compelled to serve its Music streaming subscribers too. Unlike Spotify or Android’s sing-along mode, the Apple version lets you adjust the vocal levels of the artist or mix it up with million of songs from the Apple Music catalog.

Apple Music Sing has flexible vocals and live lyrics

The lyrics are also produced in real-time so you can accurately follow along with the tunes. Furthermore, these are animated with options for other lyric views like separate users’ vocal lines to easily distinguish them from the artist’s main vocals.

Of course, it would not be fun if you couldn’t perform a duet. So, in addition to the single view, Apple Music Sing ships with a Duet or multi-singer view where vocalists have their own display area when following the lyrics.

Apple Music Sing is launching later this December with no specific date. But we’d hope it would be ready just in time for the holiday gatherings. Additionally, it will be free for those with active Music subscriptions. The iPhone 11 all the way to iPhone 14 (Pro) is supported as well as the 9th gen iPad and later models, and more importantly the 2022 Apple TV 4K.

Apple will also release 50 dedicated companion playlists including the most popular karaoke tracks. Which of your favorite sing-along songs do you like to see from these playlists? Let us know in the comment section.


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