Apple’s first AR/VR headset dubbed as Reality Pro could be unveiled earlier than scheduled. A notable insider is now reporting that the Cupertino giant is putting a separate spotlight just on the mixed reality headset’s launch. This corroborates with the previously rumored date while specifying an earlier timeline of spring.


  • Leaker predicts the Apple Reality headset will be introduced ahead of WWDC.
  • The launch window suggests between March to May 2023.
  • Apple’s first AR/VR could rely on AirPods Pro 2 for low-latency audio.

Last year, we heard about the xROS-based wearable from Apple will be announced alongside the iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 sometime in June during the WWDC. But prominent leaker Mark Gurman believes that the headset is having an exclusive event. Apple’s plan will also highlight its XR or xReality platform including the accompanied services.

Apple XR headset announcement date

The US spring state starts in late March, which means that we could see the Reality Pro as early as the mentioned month although it may be extended up to May. However, Gurman adds that the availability of the device will only begin at the end of 2023.

To recall, Apple’s Reality Pro could feature a 4K micro-LED display at each eye and an integrated battery to the headband. It was also reported last week that the AirPods Pro 2 may be paired to enable low-transmission audio. The headset won’t arrive cheap given it will be manufactured with expensive components. Additionally, the company intends to release it in limited quantities.

AR-ready Apple Store

At the same time, progress regarding the development of Apple’s augmented reality Apple Store app has been shared. It would allow users to use their cameras to point at products and generate interactive content when shopping at Apple stores. Crucially, this might debut together or as a feature for the Apple xReality device amplifying any AR experience.

What are your thoughts on the AR-based shopping experience? Do you think it will be enough to convince you when buying an iPhone or Apple Watch? Let us know your answers.

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